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New E-book Cover and Layout: Your DIY Therapy Website


E-book Cover Design

I’m thrilled to have been able to help Tracy publish the newest in her series of e-books. We worked together to come up with the series design for these books, based on the themes from her website design (something I helped her to revamp a few years ago). Tracy is a therapist and a freelance writer who practices relational marketing. You can read more about her and her approach to copywriting at her website:

We continued the bokeh theme from her website in the book covers. This allowed for a cohesiveness across media and works with her branding. Anyone visiting the website and viewing the books will know that they are from the same entity.


I’ve also had the pleasure of reading the book and it’s laid out in an easy-to-read format that guides you through a process of creating web copy that doesn’t talk at the reader, but connects with them. Most of what she lays out is applicable to more than just therapists. Anyone tired of “sales funnels” and other marketing that may feel pushy or ‘icky',’ or who just wants to create a relational model of service would do well to read this.

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Your DIY Therapy Website: 7 Key Copywriting Tips for Private Practice Therapists and Counselors by Tracy Hart

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