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The Mindful Scrivener Web Redesign

Graphic Design

The Mindful Scrivener Website Redesign & Rebranding



The client created the initial website using templates available through their web hosting service. They used images found for free online in an attempt at making the site look more friendly, but it still felt rather static. By making a few simple changes to the template we were able to create a more dynamic website that spoke to their clients.


Client: Mindful Scrivener

Project: Website Rebrand

Role: Art director, Visual designer, Web designer

Challenges: To create a website that integrates the textual themes and enhances the copy.



The default for the original template was very sparse looking. The menu was hidden in the corner and the text-based title in the header was not very captivating. The image of the colored sharpies was the best attempt at integrating color into the page to support the copy. I felt, however, that we could integrate more color without detracting from the overall message.



Using the exact same template, I introduced a cover photo for each page, integrating color and enhancing the headlines. I reintroduced the menu into the header along with a stylized typographic logo. I changed the default serif font throughout the website to give it a cleaner feel, and a more visually interesting layout was created for the text. Sub headlines were further differentiated with color that matched the overall theme of the site.


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