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Lunafest Invitation

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Lunafest Invitation



The client wanted a fun email invitation for their film festival fundraising event. The invitation needed to convey not only the standard event information (time, date, place, admission), but the client also wanted to introduce their 'Pay it Forward' campaign as well as thank sponsors.


Client: Hirsch Wellness Network

Project: Lunafest Film Festival

Role: Art director, Visual designer

Challenges: To include the large amount of information the client wanted to convey in a limited amount of space.




Sometimes when working on a project with a client who collaborates with a number of people, the project quickly morphs and grows. In this particular instance, the more we worked on the invitation, the more information needed to be included. The challenge became how to convey the information cleanly and in a fun manner. I started out somewhat campy, but as more text needed to be included, I began simplifying the design and playing with text color and size to help the guide the eyes and prevent a sense of being overwhelmed by too much information.


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