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NY Product Expo Poster

Graphic Design

New York Product Expo Poster



The client wanted a poster that would quickly catch the eye of visitors and communicate to attendees when and where the main events for their product exposition would be. The event was held in New York.


Client: Anon

Project: New York Product Exposition

Role: Art director, Visual designer

Challenges: Quickly convey sense of place and communicate event locations; Use only client branded color palette.



Because the expo was being held in New York, I wanted to use imagery that was immediately identifiable with the city. The first iterations of the poster mimicked the layout of the Chicago expo poster. I tried images of the Statue of Liberty (which felt less solid in the composition) and the Brooklyn Bridge (which definitely felt solid, but was a bit heavy). The client felt that these versions were too similar to the Chicago design, so I started playing around with less overt New York icons—including subway and street maps. In the map themed design, I took it a little further by using map icons instead of bullet points. The event schedule then became the map legend and the event time and location became call out boxes linked to map pins.




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