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Delaney's Friends Logo

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Delaney's Friends Logo



The client wanted a logo that included a variety of elements. Delaney's Friends is a non-profit that works with children of varying needs and abilities and is named after the owner's daughter who suffered from epilepsy. The logo needed to communicate an inclusive community of both able-bodied and differently abled children.


Client: Delaney's Friends (Non-profit)

Project: Logo and branding

Role: Art director, Visual designer

Challenges: To incorporate all of the elements that the client wanted to include within the logo




The amount of visual information that needed to be included in the logo could easily become overwhelming, so I decided to use silhouetted figures. Even though I reduced the amount of detail, I was still able to convey a sense of inclusivity. In honoring their daughter, the client wanted to include a baseball player, a cheerleader, a child in a wheelchair, a child in a walker, a service dog, and a girl with a protective helmet like the one their daughter wore.

To honor this request, I created a layered logo. Initially, I created three layers but that was consistently too cluttered. Instead I reduced it to two layers: The foreground would feature the girl and her dog, while the background would act as a supporting role & include all the other elements.

Of the many things I played around with where the dogs and the various figures within the background.


Logo copyright: Delaney's Friends. Images used with permission.


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